Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Items a day X 40 days= 1600 items

After wracking my brain about what to give up for Lent, I decided upon getting rid of 40 items a day. Some of these items will find new homes with friends who need them, be donated to Goodwill, be taken to University Bookstore for cash or otherwise recycled. For those who know me well, this is going to be hard. I am attached to stuff. Especially sentimental stuff like greeting cards. I will post some "before" pictures. It's not gonna be pretty. I won't lie. I'm very embarrassed to share them, but I will do so in hopes that someone is encouraged by my journey.

I will also keep track of what I am "tossing", my own version of freecycle. If you see an item you want that isn't spoken for, I am happy give it away. Obviously, some stuff will just be trash, but one (wo)man's trash, is another's treasure!

Stay tuned for tonight's list.

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