Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Two

So, I did get everything pulled together last night after the kids went to bed, but I was too tired to post. Between cranky kids, volunteer hours at my son's preschool, working on fundraising stuff for Girl Scouts/school and The 3 Day... I just want to relax and catch up on Glee!

I realize that I need to come up with a plan, to be even more intentional about this. To start with one room, move onto the next, etc.

Onto the list:

1. big mug
2. cute little Pumas (toddler size 7)
3. denim jumper
4. halloween costume
5. onesie
6. onesie
7. bib
8. bathing suit (girls size 5)
9. pj pants
10. skirt (girls size 7- by the time it fits my daughter in the waist, it will be way too short!!!)
11. cable knit sweater- 18 months
12. rachael ray mag
13. rachael ray mag
14. chatelaine mag
15. boulevard mag
16. oprah mag
17. everyday food mag
18. klutz guide to birthday parties for birthday girls
19. real simple family mag
20. cooking light mag
21. cooking light
22. cooking light
23. canadian living magazine
24. cooking light
25. cooking light
26. book: The Appeal, Grisham
27. book: Solving the Puzzle of Your Hard to Raise Child
28. book: Dead before Dark
29. coat: Eddie Bauer, womens large
30-65: various socks, bibs and other newborn stuff.

I found this much harder today. I had to force myself to do it.

I remind myself that most of the stuff I want in the magazines I can look up online. I don't need to have them cluttering my house, collecting dust.

Onto day three...

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